Hacienda San Antonio Acul, Nebaj, Quiche, Guatemala


Horse Tours

3 hour tour all Acul village in a docile and clean horses with a local guide.  We have 10 docile horses , be sure that any one you choose will be fine.


Restaurant for 30 peoples, with clean tablecloth and good friendly atmosphere.



Walking Tours

Long safety walk  for 3 hours with a local guide for only US$10.00 per person.             


Sauna with local plants that smell so good that you will sleep like a baby.


Beautiful river all way long in Hacienda San Antonio-; good for take pictures.

Service Bus


For bus service from airport or any place in Guatemala to Hacienda San Antonio please contact Luis Prado or Christian in:

Internet service

Internet from Tigo Service, you must have you own laptop.