Hacienda San Antonio Acul, Nebaj, Quiche, Guatemala


A short History of Hacienda San Antonio


In 1932 Giuseppe Azzari Magini, an Italian immigrant who had been working in California, left the United States and headed to the beautiful Cuchumatanes mountains in Guatemala.  He settled in the small village of Chancol, located in the community of Villa de Chiantla in the Department of Huehuetenango, then he moves to Acul located in the community of Nebaj in the Department of Santa Cruz del Quiche in Guatemala, Central America.

Azzari was a great Italian artisan cheese-maker who lived in the Alps along the Swiss border, an ideal location for making cheese.  He dreamed of finding in the Americas a place as ideal, a mountainous locale of high altitude where the grass was always beautiful:  a place of eternal spring. 

The Fabric of Chancol Cheese concentrate in handmade Swiss Cheese to protect the original formula and antiquity.

Our guests rooms were built in the year 1999 in there you can find a soft clean bedroom, bathroom with a nice  hot water shower  with queen bed or two twin beds, you choose .

Of course, we hope that you will have most of your meals in our restaurant which is open every day .

All the rooms are  powered with 110 Volt outlets which can be used to recharge batteries for razors, camcorders, etc.

There are no nightclubs, casinos, shopping malls or fast food outlets on Acul; your principal activities will consist of sunbathing, swimming, reading, writing, riding, enjoying relaxing meals in the restaurant, conversation at the bar. If you wish to be more active, you can hike around the region (it's too small to get lost!)


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